Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Started June 2009
haven't finished

I have been enjoying this book, but there are two people on the waiting list for it and it's due in three days. It's slow going. While interesting, it's not a simple read - at least not for me.

But I've learned so much about Henry Ford even after only four chapters. What a fascinating person. At one minute I'm amazed by his insight into human nature and his innovative ideas and foresight. The next minute I'm repulsed by his hypocrisy and his deep seated racisim and anti-semitism. Who knows what made this man's personality contradict itself so much. He would show compassion for the common man by providing him with good wages and a decent place to work. Then he'd send his thugs in to create an atmosphere of fear. He'd turn those same common men into robots within his factories.

I only made it to the part of the book in which he began talks with people in Brazil. I'll get this book later, when the other reserves have been filled. It will take me a while to finish.

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