Friday, August 14, 2009

Will I See My Dog In Heaven?

by Jack Wintz
Finished August 14, 2009
Jack Wintz is a Fransican Friar. Naturally, he approaches this question from a Franciscan point of view. In fact, he talks quite a bit about St. Francis and his relationship to the natural world.
Through quotes from scripture as well as examples from the life and writing of St. Francis, Fr. Wintz makes his case for animals in the afterlife. He points out the connection between human beings and the rest of the created world. He also reminds us of the sacredness of all creation because of the Incarnation.
"Lord, You are holy indeed and all creation rightly gives you praise."
I am convinced that God values all of creation and that we will be connected to the natural world in heaven as on earth. I also believe - or want to believe - that our pets will join us in our second life. But, I'm not sure that Fr. Wintz answers his title question: "Will I see my dog in heaven?"
He certainly convinces us that we will see dogs there- but specific animals? That is the question that is so controversial. Orange tabby cats will be in heaven, but will Akira himself be there? If he is going to be there, then why? What did he do to merit heaven? Do any of us merit heaven?
There are a lot more questions to be pondered. This book was a very good examination of our connection with creation, however.

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Anonymous said...

If Starbuck is in Heaven, I hope she is playing with Bella and Mama. I hope Starbuck will like me if I get to Heaven, too.