Monday, November 16, 2009

All My Patients Have Tales

Favorite Stories From a Vet's Practice
by Jeff Wells, DVM

Finished November 28, 2009

Just one of those books I ran across when looking for something good to read at lunch.

Each chapter is an account of an animal treated by Dr. Wells. He's a mixed-animal vet in Colorado.

The book begins with his first assignment, in a vet's office in South Dakota. From there he moved to a practice in Colorado. He met his wife at a vacation ranch where he was treating some of the horses.

The stories were pleasant and funny. Nothing special, but very entertaining. Dr. Wells wrote another book called A Veterinarians Handbook for Horse Husbands. Sounds interesting.

There is a paperback version of All My Patients Have Tales on Amazon. The subtitle of that edition is "Why Veterinary Medicine is a Calling." I suppose they changed the subtitle for recent editions. Although, the subtitle is an accurate description for one of the themes of his book. It's not an easy life, at least not for mixed-animal and large animal vets. Besides the elbow length rubber examination gloves and all that goes with that, there are surgeries in cold snow cow pastures and phone calls in the middle of the night. It's a different world from the small animal clinic.

I enjoyed this book. A fun, simple read.

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