Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Resurrection Row

by Anne Perry
September 2011

Another Thomas and Charlotte Pitt novel.  I am enjoying these, but they aren't as good as the Monk mysteries.  While there is a continuing plot (Thomas and Charlotte's life together), each book really stands alone better than any of the Monk books.

Every T & C book I've read so far were written before the Monk novels. I will be interested to see if the mysteries of these characters develop into something meatier than these.   It's not that I don't like them. It's just that they are each very similar to the others.

There's a murder. The murder takes place in a very high class neighborhood. The neighborhood has some connection to Thomas or Charlotte (usually a relative lives there).  Everyone treats Thomas as a lower class person (which he would have been in that era).  Charlotte, because of her former life, is able to mingle with the residents of the very high class neighborhood. Consequently, she is able to find out things that Thomas could never find out through regular police work. That's the basic plot, so far, of each book.

Resurrection Row has an interesting premise that doesn't really hold up too well at the end.  A body is discovered sitting in the driver's seat of a cab. The strange thing is that it is the body of a person that had been previously buried.  Thomas investigates.

The body is re-buried but turns up again sitting in the family pew at church.  It's supposed that someone is trying to send a message. Was the man actually murdered instead of the victim of a heart attack?
More bodies show up and the mystery gets more tangled

I enjoyed this one and I'll keep reading the Thomas and Charlotte books, but they do have a sameness about them. They'll have to get more exciting for me to go much further.

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