Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rutland Place

by Anne Perry
October 2011

I started listening to this, but I just couldn't make it.  Davina Porter does a good job, but I was bored. Besides, Porter makes all of her characters sound too snooty.  Unfortunately, she has narrated most of the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt books.
I ended up reading it.

I wonder why this series is called "Thomas and Charlotte Pitt" mysteries. Charlotte is actually the main character.  Thomas seems to be around simply to give Charlotte a reason to get involved in crimes (which happen to all be related to her mother or sister, for some reason).

In this mystery, Charlotte's mother asks for help in getting her locket back. She fears someone has stolen it. The locket isn't that valuable, but the photo inside could cause scandal and ruin her life.  While dealing with this problem, one of the residents of Rutland Place is found dead. She has committed suicide - or so it seems. Thomas and Charlotte are not convinced.

Most of this book is just about the manners and morals of the upper class of Victorian England.  The Monk series started this way, but were much more interesting.

Here's to hoping the series improves.

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