Thursday, November 8, 2012


by Anne Perry
Fall of 2012

I finally finished reading all of the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt mysteries and all of the Monk mysteries!  Done... at least until next spring when a new Pitt mystery will be released. And, of course, there are the Christmas novelettes.   But for now, I'm finished.

 Seven Dials, Long Spoon Lane, Buckingham Palace Gardens, 
Treason at Lisson Grove and Dorchester Terrace.

In the last five books, Pitt remains with Special Branch.  There's always a murder because these are murder mysteries, after all. But now the books are more political in tone. Special Branch is a branch of the British government that deals with anarchists, insurrectionists and threats to the Crown. I didn't like the change tone at first, but I suppose it has grown on me. 

Next month I'll read a couple of the Christmas novelettes and wait until April for Midnight at Marble Arch.

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