Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Christmas Secret

by Anne Perry
December 2012

In addition to Perry's Monk and Pitt mysteries, she has written a series of eight (so far) Christmas novellas. They are all set during the holiday time and each features one of the minor characters from the Pitt or Monk books.

The protagonist of A Christmas Secret is Dominic Corde and his wife Clarice.  This obviously takes place after Brunswick Gardens because Dominic and Clarice had not yet married in that book.
I thought, even when reading Brunswick Gardens, that the author should feature Dominic in his own book. So it's no wonder that I enjoyed this book so much.

The Pitt and Monk books so often involve some social issue. It was nice to read an Anne Perry book that was simply a mystery.
"Dominic Corde is thrilled to 'fill the robe' as substitute vicar in the village of Cottisham while the Rev. Wynter is away on leave. Dominic and his new wife Clarice arrive during an exceptionally frigid and snowy season. The welcoming and cozy vicarage and the hospitable neighbours seem all too perfect..."
The mystery involves the Rev. Wynter's whereabouts.  Although this is a simple mystery and doesn't involve Victorian social issues, it does have a message. Forgiveness.  

I found this to be timely since my Sunday School class (2nd graders) are preparing for their First Confession this Advent.  There were some nice thoughts on the matter.  

I like this series of novellas and the fact that they feature minor characters from other books.  

A Christmas Journey (2003)   A young Lady Vespasia Cumming-Gould  (A Pitt character)
A Christmas Visitor (2004)  Henry Rathbone (A Monk character)
A Christmas Guest (2005)  Grandmama Ellison (Pitt)
A Christmas Secret (2006)   Dominic and Clarice Corde (Pitt)
A Christmas Beginning (2007)  Superintendent Runcorn  (Monk)
A Christmas Grace (2008)  Emily Radley  (Pitt)
A Christmas Promise (2009)  Gracie Phipps and Minnie Maude Mudway (Pitt)
A Christmas Odyssey (2010)    Henry Rathbone, Squeaky Robinson and Crow  (Monk)
A Christmas Homecoming (2011)  Caroline and Joshua Fielding  (Pitt)
A Christmas Garland (2012)  A young Victor Narraway (Pitt)

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