Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ashen Winter

by Mike Mullin
finished November 7, 2012

This is the sequel to Ashfall, in which a volcano in Yellowstone erupts, forever changes life in the United States and brings on an eternal winter.
Alex and Darla have been living with his aunt and uncle and getting by, thanks to Uncle Paul's ingenuity and early preparations. They've been able to grow some food, particularly kale. Kale apparently grows well in harsh conditions.

Alex decides he's got to go find his parents who left to find him.  He and Darla set out on a jury-rigged ski bike  to go towards Iowa. Most likely his parents were headed there as well.

It's a harrowing journey, particularly because of the gangs of "flensers." These are gangs of cannibals who hunt and kill humans for food and to sell to others.

Freaky.   It's an exciting story with some unbelievable elements. I know that there would be many criminals and many people out for themselves in such a disaster, but I believe that there would be more good will and love than is portrayed here.

Still, I liked the book.  I'd like to see Mullin write a book in which the ashen winter begins to subside and people start to get back to "normal."

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