Tuesday, August 5, 2014

On The Fence

by Kasie West
July 2014

Once a teenager came up to the desk and asked we had any "clean teen" books at the library. I knew what she meant, but it wasn't until I did an internet search that I realized there is now a whole category of teen fiction called "Clean Reads" with lots of websites and library bibliographies devoted to these books.

A clean read is a book that you wouldn't be embarrassed to show your mother, basically.  Very little or no sex, bad language, drugs, drinking, etc.   I have occasionally been asked by a parent for book suggestions fitting this description. Now I know where to look for titles.

On The Fence by Kasie West is a clean read. It's about a girl who is the only female in a family of three brothers and a dad. Charlotte (Charlie) lost her mother to an automobile accident when she was very young.  Growing up among boys Charlie has become a tomboy and sports nut.  She isn't very good at dresses, makeup and girl talk.  But when she gets a summer job at a clothing boutique her world begins to change. She begins noticing boys noticing her.  And one of them lives right next door.

This was just a pleasant book to read. Nothing terrible happens, although the characters lives are far from perfect. There is romance, but not sex. It isn't treacly sweet but it is a nice book.

Places to find more clean reads: Library of Clean Reads; Good Clean Reads; Kathryn Cooper Writes

Basically, a Google search will bring up more.

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