Monday, August 15, 2011

Acceptable Loss

by Anne Perry
August 2011

Ahhh. I love vacation time. I was able to spend the entire morning just reading. The only problem? Now I'm done with the book and have to find something else to read.
Acceptable Loss was as good as I thought it would be. I'm sad that I'll have to a year or two for the next one.

This book continues the story from the last book, Execution Dock. Mickey Parfitt is found dead and floating in the water. When Monk and Orme find Mickey's boat and board it they are horrified to learn that Mickey has taken Jericho Phillips' (from the last book) trade in prostituting young boys. It's a hideous trade - one that I had not known existed before I read these Monk books. Apparently, prominent men in Victorian society involved themselves in such a thing not always because they desired young boys, but simply because they desired dangerous experiences.

Scuff, the nine-year-old urchin from past books has taken to living with Monk and Hester. He has nightmares from his brief involvement with Jericho Phillips and Hester is determined to end Scuff's nightmares. First, Rupert Cardew, a benefactor and friend of Hester's clinic, is suspected of the murder. Then the evidence seems to point to Oliver Rathbone's father-in-law, Arthur Ballinger.

Questions of loyalty and justice are running throughout the plot of Acceptable Loss. What would you do to save a loved one? When does a loss become an acceptable loss?

The plot was tied up at the end, but not for the characters of Hester, Monk, Rathbone and Margaret. There's a lot to be dealt with in the next installment.... which can't get here soon enough!

Note: I listened to part of the audiobook. It was narrated by Ralph Lister, who did an ok job, but was mostly just annoying. I really wish they had gotten David Colluci, who has read some of the past Monk novels. Or better yet, Simon Jones.

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