Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bethlehem Road

by Anne Perry
finished January 22, 2012

This is Anne Perry on her soap box.  While she has always pointed out the subclass status of women  in all of her books, this one stands on a soap box and shouts it out.
In fact, the book begins with Charlotte attending a women's sufferage rally.

The mystery comes with the death of an MP on the Westminster Bridge.  It's thought to be either a personal attack or the act of a lunatic. When a second MP is killed, Pitt begins to suspect that the deaths were politically motivated.  The prime suspects are a pair of women who are vehemently for women's rights.

Charlotte, with the help of Aunt Vespasia and a new character, Nobby Gunne, investigate by paying calls upon the families of the murdered men as well as to the two suspects. But it's Thomas who solves it all with his street smarts and skills of deduction.

The end came kind of out of nowhere, but it wasn't a complete surprise.  It's been very interesting reading the later Monk books and then these earlier Pitt books.  Later in her career, Perry learned how to mesh a good mystery with her soap box.  For now, with Bethlehem Road, however, she is a little clumsy.

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