Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Silence in Hanover Close

Anne Perry
January 2012

This was so good right up until the end.  Pitt is given the assignment of investigating a three year old robbery and murder.  The Foreign Office has asked that the investigation remain discreet because it could involve scandal and treason.

Thomas investigates as best as he is able, but makes little headway.  He cannot question the family involved without raising suspicions and creating scandal with the investigation itself.

Of course, Charlotte gets involved and is able to find out things that Pitt never could.  This time she launches her own investigation in order to give the widowed Emily something to occupy her mind while she is in her period of mourning and confinement.  She also wishes to get to know Jack Radley better since he and Emily have continued their friendship after meeting at Cardington Crescent.  Could Jack be genuinely interested in Emily or is he only after her inheritance?

Charlotte poses as Jack's cousin from the country and finagles an invitation to the house of the murdered man's family.  Meanwhile, Emily goes in disguise to obtain a job as a ladies maid to the young widow who is newly engaged to be married.

I really enjoyed this book and the mystery involved until the end. Perry wrapped things up too quickly and in a very soap opera style.  The final paragraph was completely unrealistic and a little too movie-of-the-week.

Still, Perry found a way to continue her pattern of Pitt-investigates-and-Charlotte-helps without becoming stale.

On to the next book!

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