Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cardington Crescent

by Anne Perry
December 2011

The Thomas and Charlotte Pitt mysteries are getting better. At first I was a little bit bored with them. I am so fond of the Monk series, these weren't impressing me. But I'm enjoying them more and more as I get into the series.

Emily, Charlotte's sister, is suspected of murdering her own husband, Lord George Ashworth.  The couple had been guests of family at Cardington Crescent.  George is found dead of an apparent heart attack. The doctor becomes suspicious when the family dog is found dead, too.  It turns out that someone has poisoned George's coffee with an overdose of digitalis. The poor dog became a casualty after drinking some coffee offered to it in a saucer.

Charlotte comes to Cardington Crescent to support her sister and Thomas is called in as the investigating detective.  The book is a sort of drawing room mystery, with most of the story taking place in the house at Cardington Crescent. Near the end of the novel Thomas takes the investigation out into one of the area slums after finding a new lead.

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