Friday, December 23, 2011

Death in the Devil's Acre

by Anne Perry
finished December 23, 2011

I read this on my Nook Color.   I had a hard time getting a copy of it. Perry's older titles aren't always available at the library. So, I broke down and bought it for the Nook.  I was given a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble, so I can buy more Nook Books!

The Thomas Pitt books are getting a little more gritty.  We've move out of the posh neighborhoods and into dangerous slums like the Devil's Acre.  This is an area of town where a gentleman would only go if he had business there - namely, if he was visiting one of the area brothels. A lady would never go there - at least not any lady in her right mind.

A body is found in "the acre".  He has been stabbed in the back and his genitals have been cut off and placed on the ground between his legs.  The murder of a pimp wouldn't normally garner much attention at all, but the manner of his death attracts the attention of Thomas Pitt. He recognizes the victim to be Max, the footman that formerly worked for the Balantyne family in Callandar Square.  

Another victim is found, killed and maimed in a similar way. This time, the victim is not a pimp and not a resident of Devil's Acre.  He is a respected doctor. The case suddenly takes on a greater importance.

Thomas is being featured more often in these novels, which I think is a good thing. Charlotte and Emily still finagle invitations to tea or to society events in order to do a little amateur detective work, but the tedium of Rutland Place is gone and an actual and interesting mystery is in its place.

This was a quick and satisfying read. Some old characters return and new ones are introduced.

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