Friday, May 4, 2012

Lionboy the Chase and Lionboy the Truth

by Zizou Corder
October 2011

The Chase is the second book in the Lionboy trilogy and The Truth is the third.  I read The Chase (because  the library didn't have an audio version) and listened to The Truth, narrated by the fabulous Simon Jones.

The Chase follows Charlie Ashanti into Venice and then to Ghana as he continues looking for his kidnapped parents.   This was my favorite of the trilogy.   The Truth concludes the story.

Note:  I began writing my summary and review of this book back in October 2011. For some reason, I never finished. Now it's May 2012.

I can't remember enough to give a detailed account of the two books, but I will say that I really enjoyed them.
The Chase takes place in Venice - a nice setting. The Truth continues the action into Africa. This trilogy is a good, fun, science fiction series.

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