Sunday, June 24, 2012

Farrier's Lane

by Anne Perry
June 2012

This was an interesting case. An appeals court judge, Mr. Justice Stafford, dies suddenly at the opera. The cause of death is opium poisoning - traces of opium are found in his whiskey flask.  Different clues point to the death being related to a past murder: the notorious murder in Farrier's Lane.

Five years before, Aaron Godman was convicted of killing Kingsley Blaine and then nailing him, crucifixion style, onto a stable door.  That murder had caused hysteria and terrible antisemitism. Everyone was sure that Godman, a Jew, had to be the guilty party. The court and an appeals court agreed and Godman was executed.  He was founEver since, Godman's sister Tamar Macaulay had been trying to clear his name.

Pitt investigates the Godman/Blaine murder as well as the Stafford case because they are so likely to be related.  With Charlotte's help and the help of their housekeeper Gracie, the truth is found.

This book has the side plot of Caroline Ellison's (Charlotte's mother) infatuation with Joshua Fielding, an actor.  Caroline is smitten with the man, but her daughters fear that her heart will be broken by Fielding. Caroline's mother in law is worried about the social ruin that will be brought upon Caroline for associating with someone from the acting profession.

I liked this book.  A good mystery.  And, I figured who the killer was early on!

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