Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Hyde Park Headsman

by Anne Perry
June 26, 2012

This was a good one!
There's a madman loose in the Hyde Park area. At least that's what everyone says. But Pitt and his fellow police don't believe that the man who has been killing people by decapitation is mad at all. In fact, he's proven to be very clever and deliberate.

With the retirement of Micah Drummond, Pitt is now Superintendent. He and his family has moved to a bigger house and things seem to be going very well until a headless body is discovered in a boat in Hyde Park.

The victim is a gentleman and a very important person, of course. Pitt is being pressured to solve the case quickly. With each new victim of the headsman, more and more panic spreads throughout the city and more pressure is put on Pitt.  He's in danger of losing his brand new position.

The problem is, there seems to be little or no connection between the victims. No murder weapon has  been found. No motive has been identified.

The puzzling crime along with the side story of Jack Radley's campaign for a seat in Parliment made this an exciting and interesting mystery.

By the way... I figured out the killer about half-way through!

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