Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Midnight at Marble Arch

by Anne Perry
May 7, 2013

It's spring, so this must be a Charlotte and Thomas Pitt mystery.

I'm a little behind writing the summaries of books I read this summer, so here's a description from Amazon:

The horrifying rape and apparent suicide of Catherine Quixwood, wife of a wealthy merchant banker, falls outside the new jurisdiction of Special Branch head Thomas Pitt, but so pervasively offensive are the rumors about the victim that Pitt quietly takes a hand in the investigation. Yet even with the help of his ingenious wife, Charlotte, and his former superior, Victor Narraway, Pitt is stumped.  Why did high-minded, cultured Catherine chose not to accompany her husband to a grand party on the night of her demise? Why did she dismiss all her servants for the evening and leave the front door unlocked? What had been her relationship with the young man seen frequently by her side at concerts and art exhibits? And what can be doen to avenge another terrible crime: the assault on Angeles Castelbranco, beloved teenaged daughter of the Portugese ambassador?

I liked this book, but I can't remember very many of the detals. It was a routine Pitt mystery - which is a good thing. We've moved on from the foreign relations stuff. Victor Narraway gets a bigger role in this book. That's a good thing, too.

I suppose there'll be another Pitt book in the spring. We'll be able to see what develops between Narraway and Vespasia!

I just checked Amazon UK - the next book Death on Blackheath will be released in two days in England. I suppose I could buy it for Kindle and read it now. Or I could wait fr the traditional US spring release. I must uphold tradition!


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