Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Blind Justice

by Anne Perry
September 10, 2013

I was worried, after I finished reading all of the Monk and Pitt mysteries by Anne Perry that I'd have to wait a long time for another one.  Not so!
Earlier this year I read Midnight at Marble Arch (Pitt) and now another William Monk book.

This book answers the question, "Will Rathbone regret holding onto the pornographic pictures that Arthur Ballinger left him upon his death?"
The answer is yes, of course.  I liked Rathbone quite a bit at the beginning of the series, but in later books he's turned into a love sick basket case.

Now a judge and no longer living with Margaret, Rathbone feels very alone. He has failed in his personal life but has reached the pinnacle of his career.  The judiciary is a lonely place to, he finds. This powerful position really has no power to effect change or bring about true justice.
He is simply in place to see that the law is followed correctly.  Rathbone makes a terrible mistake and shows very poor judgement (which is a pretty bad thing for a judge to do).  This lands him in jail (becoming the third of the Monk series main character to be arrested and tried).  This is the "Very Special Episode - Rathbone Edition" of the series.

My prediction is that, in the future, Rathbone joins Hester on Portpool Lane. He will trade status and prestige for good works.

I liked this one a lot more than Perry's last Monk book.  I look forward to the continuing story...

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