Tuesday, September 3, 2013


by Ayun Halliday
illustrated by Paule Hoppe
April 2013

How could you not be attracted to this cover?  It certainly is eye catching. But there are lots of books with eye catching covers, so I didn't pick this one up until a coworker told me what it was about.

It's a graphic novel (or comic book - I'm not sure what we're supposed to call these anymore). Sadie is about to start a new school,  again. She's tired of being the new girl, tired of trying so hard to be noticed and make friends.  She comes up with the plan of buying a medical ID bracelet and feigning a peanut allergy.  It works!  Sadie gets attention and sympathy from her fake ailment. The problem is keeping the act up all school year. You know, with a peanut allergy, one slip could spell disaster. The same is true of a fake peanut allergy.

A fun book for a middle school and high school audience.

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